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The following are some of the services we provide:






Dispensing Prescriptions


A pharmacist is available to dispense both N.H.S. and private prescriptions. Our pharmacists will also be able to give you advice on when and how to take your prescribed medication and if there are any other medicines you should avoid while taking it. Your medicine will be clearly labelled and will also give you the appropriate warnings – E.g. If your medicine may cause drowsiness, if alcohol should be avoided, etc. We supply original manufacturer’s packs where available, or we put all loose tablets and capsules in child resistant containers. Neither of these are child proof, so make sure you keep all medicines out of children’s sight and reach. If you have difficulty in opening child resistant containers, please tell us.

Emergency Prescriptions


If you are unable to reach a doctor and urgently require prescription medicines, we may be able to supply you with medicines that you have had on prescription before. If you have an emergency prescription that needs to be dispensed outside our normal hours, you should cal the police who will arrange for a pharmacist to be called out.

Unwanted Medicines


Hoarding medicines can be dangerous. Do not keep unwanted medicines in your home – they can be returned to us where we will safely dispose of them for you.

First Aid Supplies


We can supply statutory First Aid Kits that comply with health and safety regulations and have a range of domestic First Aid Kits for your own needs.


Keeping Yourself Healthy


Our pharmacist can advise on your diet and provide a range of dietary supplements such as Vitamins, Fibre and Minerals which may be required to supplement your diet.

Holiday Requirements


If you are going on holiday, we can advise about sunburn, stomach upsets malaria and other holiday risks and recommend suitable remedies and sensible precautions.


Customer Services


We aim to give the best possible service and always welcome your feedback. However, if you are not satisfied with our pharmaceutical services or products we have supplied, please talk to the pharmacist. Complaints regarding N.H.S. Services are also dealt with by the Family Health Services Authority. For details of Sunday, public holiday and evening services please see the notices in our windows, doctor’s surgeries and in the local press.

Medication Records


When we dispense your prescription, we keep a record of the medicines dispensed so that on subsequent visits we can check for errors or interactions.


Repeat Prescription & Collection Service


If you have regular repeat prescriptions, we can collect your prescription from selected local surgeries so that you need make only one visit to the pharmacy to collect your medicine. Please ask for further information,


Repeat Prescription Delivery Service


We can also arrange to deliver your repeat prescription medication directly to your home. Please ask for further information.


Pregnancy Testing


We can do a pregnancy test for you in-store. All you need is a small early-morning urine sample. Alternatively, we can sell you a home test kit along with advice on its use.


Oxygen Therapy Equipment


We can supply Oxygen equipment prescribed on the N.H.S. We deliver oxygen to patient’s homes throughout the area. We also sell lightweight oxygen sets which can be carried in a harness over the shoulder and refilled from a larger cylinder.




Elastic band and spring trusses are available from us upon request and a fitting service is provided.


Advice and Help on Minor Ailments and Medicines Available for Sale


Our pharmacist will be able to advise you on the appropriate treatment for minor ailments (and refer you to a doctor if necessary) and is qualified to help you choose appropriate medicines especially for you.

Incontinence Supplies


We can advise you in confidence on the correct product for all types of incontinence, and supply products to meet a wide range of incontinence requirements.


Ostomy Supplies


We can supply an extensive range of ostomy appliances and can make arrangements to have your personal requirements available.




Nebulisers are used for treating Asthma and other breathing problems. You cannot get them on an N.H.S. prescription, but your doctor may advise you to buy one. We can supply fully portable nebulisers, or static models for home use.


Surgical Hosiery


We can supply the full range of N.H.S. compression hosiery and we sell a range of support and maternity hosiery.


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